April 2018 Church Newsletter and Calendar are posted as of March 25, 2018 in Newsletter section.

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Please understand Central Baptist Church is undergoing a change in its Pastor.  There will be weekly services each Sunday at 10:30 AM and all are invited to attend.  Should you need additional assistance please call the Church Administrative Assistant and she will assist you as necessary.  Prayers!!


Central Baptist Church is a warm, friendly, caring and supportive church family that is centered in Christ
and the fellowship of His church, with mission, music and mindfulness as our goals, and unity in Christ.

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2018 Easter Service

On Sunday April 1, 2018 Central Baptist Church has an inspiring service of the resurrection of our Christ attended by many.  The inspiration of the service is evidenced by the joy seen in the family displayed here.  Central Baptist Church welcomes all to come and worship with us each Sunday.