January 2018 Church Newsletter and Calendar are posted December 27, 2017

Latest Christian Education Newsletter posted December 23, 2017


Please understand Central Baptist Church is undergoing a change in its Pastor.  There will be weekly services each Sunday at 10:30 AM and all are invited to attend.  Should you need additional assistance please call the Church Administrative Assistant and she will assist you as necessary.  Prayers!!


Central Baptist Church is a warm, friendly, caring and supportive church family that is centered in Christ
and the fellowship of His church, with mission, music and mindfulness as our goals, and unity in Christ.

We invite you to browse our website and see all that we have to offer!


On Sunday December 17th, 2017 Central Baptist Church celebrated the birth of our Christ with an inspiring service of scripture, music and a production by the youth of the church.  Of specific note was the excellent performance of the church's bell that you can view using the following links.

Bells Number One  "Carol of the Bells"

Bells Number Two  "He is Born"

Bells Number Three  "On This Day Earth Shall Ring"

We hope you will join us in 2018.  Until then there will be regular service at 10:30am on Christmas Eve, December 24th