The Deacons of Central Baptist Church are in the people business, with a responsibility to care for our church members and reach out to those less fortunate in our community.

Caring for People

A big part of caring for people is to look after their physical and spiritual needs. Hence the Diaconate plans the Sunday morning worship services, and works the special services of Baptism and Communion, the two universal ordinances of the church. Other special celebrations include the Maundy Thursday Service-- a reenactment of the Last Supper preceding Easter-- and the wonderful Christmas Candlelight Service. Deacons also council and interview children and adults who wish to be baptized and join our church.

Outreach Activities

Outreach activities include visiting those in nursing homes and hospitals, delivering Christmas & Thanksgiving baskets to those confined to their homes, and maintaining a fund for those in need, particularly those outside our congregation. Deacons work at times with the Central Baptist Church Mission Board to identify and support local families or individuals. Some deacons and other church members also provide transportation for others wishing to attend church services and activities.

Christian Fellowship

Men and women are equally represented on the Diaconate, and both work to prepare the twice- monthly coffee hour--a time for sharing and Christian fellowship immediately after the Sunday service. Deacons are elected and serve, along with all of our church members, as ministers serving God. Deacons, like all Christians, don't claim to be perfect--just blessed and forgiven!