Pastor's Autobiography

Pastor Nick

I spent roughly the first thirty some years of my life "building a testimony."  What I mean by this; I wasn't raised in the faith or went to church growing up, but instead lived what I would call "A wild lifestyle" until something radical happened; I realized that I had sinned before a Holy God.  I then confessed my sins to Him and asked for His forgiveness; inviting Jesus into my heart to become my Savior and my Lord.  Shortly after that I prayed another simple, but life changing prayer; "Lord, use me."  Within a week after that prayer, I received a call from God into ministry.

For my first ministry, I spent six years as a youth and family pastor for a local Nazarene Church. God opened many doors as we ministered to one hundred kids a week.  I loved this call until another life changing event occurred - God called me to pastor a church.  I became licensed by my denomination and was on track to receive my own church when God called me into another direction; to plant a church in my city.  I served at this church for another 6 years, becoming Ordained by the body of Elders and a presiding minister through this church.  After my ministry there, the Lord called me across state, to a Community Bible Church in Northern California where I served as Senior Pastor for five years. Then came New England.

Seven years ago, Angelique and I received a call to pastor a small Congregational Church in Connecticut.  I served at this church for 1 ½ years until God did another great thing in our lives (this I will share in another story).  Since this church was small, I was bi-vocational, meaning I had to work a second job to support my habit of ministry.  For the past six years, I have worked on a Psychiatric Unit of a hospital, as a Senior Clinician in a Treatment Facility, as a Christian Counselor for the Salvation Army, and a Program Director for a Substance Abuse Program in a prison.  In my last ministry position, I served as an Intentional Interim pastor for a Congregational Church in Wakefield, MA.

Now here I am in Westfield, excited about the Call the Lord has placed upon my heart to be here.  We are looking forward to the future; believing that God has an awesome plan for Central Baptist Church.  I would love to meet with all of you personally, so please call me so we can get together soon.  Remember; "God is Good, All the Time, All the Time, God is Good!!!"