Vacation Bible School

Thanks to all that attended and conducted this years very successful Vacation Bible School.  Look below for a gallery of photos from the week to view the events.  Still available after that is the daily recap of each days events for your information.  Finally, check back at this location shortly after the beginning of 2018 to view the plans for VBS in the summer of 2018.  Remember God is Good, All the Time!; All the Time, God is Good!

Vacation Bible School Monday July 31

DAY 1 VBS  Young Explorers learned about the greatest book ever - The Bible. 
We started with two artic theme songs: "Operation Artic" & "Look In the Book" where the explorers learned the words and dance.  During Mission/Outreach time the explorers learned about our church's mission with the children in Honduras and how we will be collecting flip flops or money to purchase them in order for the children to attend school.  Also collecting monies for the local mission of the Westfield Animal shelter.  Today we collected $8 in offerings.  On to music where they learned and sung the songs: "The B-I-B-L-E," "Hallelu, Hallelu, Hallelu, Hallelujah," and "If you're Happy and You Know It."  In their class time they learned the Bible is an inspiration of God and there is no other book like it on the planet.  At the craft table the explorers made note cards and they expended some energy during recreation.  Then there was science time where they conducted experiments to reinforce the day's lessons.  During snack time they were treated to juice and snowflake cookies, truly a highlight of the morning.  Lastly in closing the explorers learned the song: "Learn it, Love it, Live it."  Overall a great first day with much more to look forward to on Tuesday.

Today's Verse -  All Scripture is given by inspiration of God . . . .   2 Timothy 3:16

God is Good, all the time!  All the time, God is Good!


Vacation Bible School Tuesday August 1

DAY 2 VBS  To see the days activities ask to see the daily newsletter sent home each day or click here.

Today's Verse:  Sail's Life is Transformed  Acts:9:1-22

God is Good, All the Time, All the Time, God is Good!


Vacation Bible School Wednesday August 2

DAY 3 VBS  Another great day though a little warm.  The spirit of the explorers kept it cool!  We began in song, dance and prayer followed by more information on the missions.  To support those mission $47.40 was collected, WOW!  Today in music we sang "Jesus Loves Me" and "One, Two, Three."  In class Miss Barb and the explorers have talked about the Bible learning the third letter "b" is "Bedrock Base."  Unlike the top of the world the Arctic ocean, which has no base, the Bible is a rock-solid base for us to build our lives on.  Look at the photos to see some examples of the days craft project, neat!  Near the end of the day in science the explorers learned about Permafrost.  Pastor Nick sent all home in prayer to complete another excellent day.  To view the day's newsletter click here.

Today's Verse:  The Wise Man Builds His House on the Rock.  Matthew 7:24-29

God is Good, All the Time, All the Time, God is Good!


Vacation Bible School Thursday August 3

DAY 4 VBS  As the week gets closer to the end, the enthusiasm of the explorers continued high.  Of course it was probably heightened by the delicious SMORES prepared for snack time.  After the opening and mission moment, where we were joined by two rescue dogs, (remember that part of the daily collection is going to the Westfield Animal Shelter) Music learned the round, "Rejoice in the Lord Always" among working on earlier songs learned.  In Bible lesson Miss Barb had the explorers on a scavenger hunt to find a Love letter from God, The Bible.  In science the explorers learn about God's gift of water and they made another craft.  Please join us tomorrow, Friday, for the Artic Explorer closing at 12 noon.  For today's newsletter click here.

Today's Verse - But God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us  Romans 5:8

God is Good, all the time! All the time, God is Good!


Vacation Bible School Friday August 4

DAY 5 VBS  What a fabulous final day for the explorers.  After a spirited opening singing songs and dancing they practiced the music program for the closing during music time.  In bible class they watched the teachers in a play about Mary and Martha when Jesus came to visit.  After that Kai (the puppet) came out and we all had a picnic together.  We learned that we eat food for our bodies to grow and we need to stay close to God for our spirit on the inside to grow too.  Ice cream and cookies were a BIG hit during snack time then on to crafts and recreation.  Lastly in science, the explorers learned how animals stay warm in cold weather.  To end the week the explorers treated their parents and others to some music and Bible lessons.  All received prizes for their participation during the week.  The daily offering netted $250 and flip flops for Honduras.  $125 went to the Westfield Animal Shelter and the other $125 for purchasing additional flip flops for Honduras.  Thanks to all the children (explorers) and the volunteers that made such an outstanding week happen.  We hope to see everyone next year.  And remember:

God is Good, all the Time!   All the Time, God is Good!